Club Registration

2023 member registrations for Hurling Club

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GAA Registration deadline is 31 March each year
GAA Registration after 31 March can also be completed subject to rule.

2023 Registration Plans

€50 Adult non-player
€150 Adult player (incl. Player Injury Fund and Club Gym Membership)
€35 for 1 child (U18)
€65 for 2 children (U18)
€70 for 3 or more children (U18)

The GAA Club Registration window ends annually by March 31st.
Club persons must have their Club
fees paid on a date prior to mid-March as laid down,
by Club rules, and be registered in order to have a vote
at any Club meeting in the upcoming Registration year.

GAA 2.1 Rules Membership
(f) The Membership of the Gaelic Athletic Association
shall run from 1st January to the 31st December each year
(g) Only a Full Member who has paid his annual Club
subscription by the due date set by the Executive
Committee of the Club. (which shall be prior to March
31st each year) shall be eligible to vote at, nominate for, or
seek election to the Executive Committee at any following
General Meeting of the Club held up to and including
the due date for payment of the annual Club subscription
in the following Membership Year.