Coaching Tips - Paudie Butler

Sarsfields would like to thank Paudie Butler for his 20 May "Coaching the Coaches" practical session in New Inn.

Some take-away points:

  • Tempo and pace - by working closer to the ball-wall your must increase your tempo - benefits reactions, match pace, agility.

  • Footwork - matching footwork to your hurling, guarding the ball when taking it off the ground by creating a pocket with your stance.

  • When lifting the ball, bend your knees, not your back, create the 'pocket' of protection for the ball.

  • Young hurlers develop the critical footwork, stick skills, wrist skills etc up to 14 years, its critical they are coached correctly to learn the vital skills before its too late after 14.

  • In a game, time is limited, players must learn to offload the ball to a team-mate soon after they receive the ball.

  • Handling the hurley, hold the hurley across the body, not down at the side as you must be ready at all times to use it. You lose time taking the hurley up from your side.

  • Hold the hurley with a strong grip at right angles to your forearm.

  • Pull on the ball with a good wrist action, stop the 'windmilling' when you pull on the ball.

    • Plant your feet in the line you want the ball to travel when pulling on the ball, then the ball will travel in the right direction.

    • Coaches should ignore, not compliment a miss of a badly executed skill. Praise is important after good execution.

    • Ensure that young hurlers use properly sized hurleys, too many are too heavy and too long. Stand straight, arms by your side, grip the hurley. There should be no excess timber above your grip.

    • Motivate the young hurler with targets, e.g. complete 10 passes in 1 minute, 10 catches in 30 seconds and so on.

More items to be added as we remember then - please email me so we can complete the list: