Last Man Standing 11-12

After Twelve weeks, the winner is Shane Diviney. Congratulations.

    1. After game week 1, 308 were still standing.

    2. After game week 2, 197 were still standing.

    3. After game week 3, 112 were still standing.

    4. After game week 4, 94 were still standing.

    5. After game week 5, 45 were still standing.

    6. After game week 6, 15 were still standing.

    7. After game week 7, 13 were still standing.

    8. After game week 8, 11 were still standing.

    9. After game week 9, 9 were still standing.

    10. After game week 10, 3 were still standing.

    11. After game week 11, 2 were still standing.

    12. 1 more player is eliminated, leaving Shane Diviney as our winner.

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1. You pick one Soccer team from the Saturday-Monday fixtures each week from the English Premier League. 2. You must make

your selection before 5pm on the Friday of each week. Strictly no late selections will be allowed. 3. The team you select must WIN

their fixture. If your team does not WIN you are out. 4. If your team wins you will receive a text with the following weeks fixtures

and you select a team to win from them fixtures. 5. You can only pick each team once. 6. The overall winner(s) is the person(s) who

lasts longest (i.e) last man standing. 7. Entry fee €10 per person. The overall winner takes the total cash prize fund. 8. If there are 5

or less in the competition and all get knocked out together, then the cash pot is shared. If the League season ends before a winner is

declared, the pot will be shared between those remaining in the competition. 9. It is your responsibility to ensure that your

weekly nomination is submitted before the Friday 5pm deadline. 10. Committee decision final on all issues arising.