GAA Vetting Process

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Vetting in the GAA

The GAA has a long established principle of vetting any person who, on our behalf, works with children or vulnerable adults in our Association. This principle is enshrined in rule through our Code of of Behaviour (Underage) and has become part of the overall recruitment and selection process for those who wish to work with the GAA, in a voluntary or paid role.

Who needs to be vetted?

In the GAA any person who carries out a role of responsibility such as coaching, managing or training underage teams or indeed adult teams that contain any player under 18 yrs. of age must be vetted. It also applies to organising underage activities or refereeing underage games.

The GAA Vetting System is now part of Foireann.

Follow Steps 1, 2 and 3 as advised by

Club members submit their vetting application via the Foireann application.

The vetting process contains 4 parts:

  1. The Applicant submits their Gaelic Games Vetting Invitation Form and the relevant ID documentation (passport/driver's licence and utility bill no more than 6 months old) to verify their identity, along with a signed copy of the Gaelic Games Vetting ID Validation Form. This is a mandatory requirement by the National Vetting Bureau (NVB).

  2. The Club Children Officer reviews the application and verifies the approved documentation provided to prove the identity of the applicant. The ID documentation must total 100 or more points to meet the requirements of the NVB and show: Your name, Your date of birth, Your address, and Your photograph. A signed copy of the Gaelic Games Vetting ID Validation Form is also a mandatory requirement. If the information is incorrect your application will be rejected and returned to you to be resubmitted.

  3. If validated by the Club's Children Officer, the application is submitted to the Association Liaison Person who forwards the application between the Association and the Garda to the NVB.

  4. The NVB will issue the applicant an email with a link to complete the NVB Vetting Application Form. This will be issued to the email address you provided in your Gaelic Games Invitation Form.

For the Clubs Children Officer - email

From - download the Gaelic Games Vetting ID Validation Form.